Sunday, September 5, 2010


PRICE $100

WOW, what a frustrating last few days. Frontier bought Verizon wireless where I have been getting my email for years. The promised seamless transition to Frontier was anything but seamless. I have been unable to get email for three days so I apologize to anyone who has not received a reply to a message. The computer was locked up all day Sat. Now I have my emails but photos will not display and the transfer of our address book did not happen as promised. I could go on and on but you have most likely had a similar situation at one time. I won't bore you with any more complaints.
I have been having fun painting this series of peaches. The begonia was a bit of a challenge. I would get so much paint on the surface that I could no longer control it. So I would scrape off the paint and start over but I'm pleased with the end result.

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Becky Joy said...

Very nice colors Anita.