Monday, February 20, 2012

Emerging Artist and New Website

Lily by Ian Blackburn

My ten year old great nephew came to my studio Sat. to do a painting for an art contest and this is the finished product. He was not very pleased with it but I think it is great for a first oil painting. I think his taste is more photo-realism as opposed to impressionism. Last year he entered a landscape done with pastels and won 1st place in his age group and Best of Show. As you can imagine he felt very pressured to do something spectacular.

In teaching another person I always learn something myself. To keep things simpler for him I had him mix the most prominent colors in piles before he started the painting. It worked so well for Ian that I don't understand why I haven't used this method for myself.

My new website is up and running with the help of my friend Ryan Asher. Ryan has been so busy building websites for other people that he hasn't finished one for himself. But you can contact him at if you need some help with a website.


Jennifer Koach said...

I wonder if we all started with that kind of freshness. Im working so hard to get it back! This is a winner!

Anita Tresslar said...

Thanks for the comment Jennifer. I think it is hard for adults because we are always judging our work against other artists.