Monday, February 28, 2011


These apples look more appetizing in the painting than they do in person. They are very wrinkled and soft by now. I made another stop at a different Goodwill today to pick up some new things. Couldn't really browse because I had both of my terrified cats in the car. They had just visited the vet for their yearly check-ups and shots so I didn't want to leave them for long. New (old) stuff will be appearing in future paintings.


Kathy Cousart said...

These apples look great! Funny story about the cats:) I look forward to seeing you new, OLD, stuff:)

Virginia Floyd said...

What a beautiful painting. Lovely fresh colors in these apples. (Although you just said they are no longer fresh! LOL)

Funny about the terrified cats. My cats always hated being in the car. They'd yowl the whole trip to the vet. And all the way home.

Robert Sutton said...

Will there be a painting of the terrified cats in the future??? ;}