Tuesday, October 12, 2010


PRICE $100
I'm loving these peppers but wondering how much longer they will last.

Since I now have a computer in my studio with a large window in front of me, I am much more aware of the number of very skinny stray cats in the neighborhood. I took food out to one cat earlier but the cat was gone in a flash. After I left the food and came back to my computer. Soon another cat appeared and ate the food. I won't publicise my opinion of people who do not spay and nueter their animals but I will bet you can guess.

Just hanging out in the studio. No Lulu's eyes are not really that color but I am such a novice to photoshop that I couldn't figure out how to fix them. Her eyes are a beautiful golden color. Dudley(left) is the talker.


Virginia Floyd said...

I had that same problem with a photo of my kitty. The "red eye" function doesn't work, because of course, they aren't red!

I love your kitties!

Gloria Jean said...

Thank you for feeding those skinny cats. I have five cats, all of them were adopted when someone left them in my alley. Three young ones are now old enough for their trip to the vet for neutering and spaying. I'm a cat whisperer. Nice peppers!