Friday, January 15, 2010

APPLE MARCH 6"x6" oil on canvas

I just realized that I haven't posted anything since Jan. 3rd. I could go down the list of all the things
I have been doing instead of painting and posting but the yawning would be deafening. I have
started a fairly large portrait that is taking quite a lot of my time. I'm working from a photogragh
which I have only tried one other time with mixed results. At the University we were taught to
always paint from life but guess what, that isn't always convenient. Making up your own rules is
much more fun. I will post the portrait when it is finally finished.

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Lory Nemnich said...

Hi Ms. Tressler,
I'm totally inspired by your artwork! I love your use of color to bring out the essence of the setting. Can't wait to see the portrait.
Lory Nemnich